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Free abortion!!!!

In the state of New York, most abortions are virtually free. If you have Medicaid you are covered. If you have insurance, you are basically covered by most providers. If you do not have either of those options, there are sources that will pay for the service if you qualify for financial need. Please call for more information 866-340-1943


Irregular vaginal bleeding

Below is a list of most of the major causes of irregular vaginal bleeding. If you experience even one episode of irregular vaginal bleeding, you must make an appointment to be fully evaluated in order to rule out the most serious causes of irregular bleeding and, more importantly, to catch and treat any serious aliment that may be discovered before it becomes untreatable.

Our staff of gynecologists and nurse practitioners is fully skilled and equipped to diagnose any of the causes of irregular bleeding and to take the appropriate steps necessary to make sure that you receive the best care and treatment for the problem. Please call and make an appointment as soon as possible.
1-Endocrine system factors-peri-menaupause, vaginal atrophy, Stein Leventhal syndrome, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, endometriosis etc
2-Pregnancy-miscarriage, placental abruption, placenta previa, irritation in the vaginal canal, placenta accrete and increta, ectopic pregnancy
3-Medical- bleeding dyscrasia(for example thrombocytopenia or VonWillebrand disease), that is an abnormal clotting process; kidney or liver disease; celiac disease
4-Physical trauma-lesions on the vulva or in the vagina or the cervix or uterous from sexual intercourse, foreign objects etc.
5 Hiatrogenic-physician caused trauma; IUD; Post surgery; medications with anti coagulative properties; changing or stopping Birth control pills.
6-Cancers and precancerous lesions of the uterous, cervix, ovary, vagina, Vulva, fallopian tube.
7-Non cancerous growths-For example uterine polyps or fibroids or adenomyosis.
8-Infections of the reproductive tract-for example Pelvic Inflammatory disease, clamydiatrachomatis, gonorrhea, cervicitis, endometritus, vagnitis, urea plasma vaginitis, vaginosis.

The important message to recognize is that if irregular vaginal bleeding occurs, you need to make an appointment in order to be fully evaluated so that any serious condition can be dealt with before it becomes untreatable.


Be Wary of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Be very careful and very selective when choosing an abortion center.

All Women's Health Facilities have been available in New York and Florida for over 45 years and our safety record is far and away the best, because safety and comfort are and always have been our first two concerns.

Notwithstanding the above, If for some reason you are considering another facility, make sure that they are a "true abortion center" and not a facade where they draw you in the door under false pretenses, and then intimidate you and pressure you into changing your mind about abortion.

I am sure that you have not made this decision lightly and have considered all the options and made your own intelligent decision. If you have any questions, we can answer them for you in a gentle and professional manner. You don't need to be bullied in one direction or the other.

To make sure you’re working with a legitimately licensed, reputable provider, check that they’re listed in the directory offered by the National Abortion Federation.


Post-Operative Exam

After your post-operative exam, we would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Preventative Medicine Program, the purpose of which is to prevent diseases and problems before they happen.

Just a physical exam, including but not limited to breast exam, Pap smear and laboratory studies, can uncover simple problems easily fixed that could have created devastating conditions if left unattended.

Furthermore, to insure a healthy and wholesome life style, you must be informed about dietary considerations and an exercise program.

Looking forward to helping you achieve a healthy and fulfilling life style.