Irregular vaginal bleeding

Below is a list of most of the major causes of irregular vaginal bleeding. If you experience even one episode of irregular vaginal bleeding, you must make an appointment to be fully evaluated in order to rule out the most serious causes of irregular bleeding and, more importantly, to catch and treat any serious aliment that may be discovered before it becomes un-treatable.

Our staff of doctors and nurse practitioners are totally skilled and equipped to diagnose any of the causes of irregular bleeding and to take the appropriate steps necessary and ensure that you receive the best care and treatment for the problem. Please call and make an appointment as soon as possible. Below is a list of the many causes of irregular vaginal bleeding:

Endocrine system factors-peri-menopause, Stein Leventhal syndrome, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, , vaginal atrophy, endometriosis etc

Pregnancy-miscarriage, placenta previa, placental abruption, irritation in the vaginal canal, placenta accrete and increta, ectopic pregnancy

Medical- bleeding dyscrasia (for example thrombocytopenia or VonWillebrand disease), that is an abnormal clotting process; kidney or liver disease; celiac disease

Hiatrogenic-physician caused trauma; IUD; Post surgery; medications with anti coagulative properties; changing or stopping Birth control pills.

Non cancerous growths-For example uterine polyps or fibroid s or adenomyosis.

Infections of the reproductive tract-for example Pelvic Inflammatory disease, clamydiatrachomatis, gonorrhea, cervicitis, endometritus, vagnitis, urea plasma vaginitis, vaginosis.

Cancers and precancerous lesions of the uterus, cervix, ovary, vagina, Vulva, fallopian tube.

Physical trauma-lesions on the vulva or in the vagina or the cervix or uterus from sexual intercourse, foreign objects etc.

The important message to recognize is that if irregular vaginal bleeding occurs, you need to make an appointment in order to be fully evaluated so that any serious condition can be dealt with before it becomes un-treatable.

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